Teresa Reichert



Part 1: Two One-Day Exhibitions in the IfKiK Container 

16th & 30th June 2016 

The exhibition series ON TIMING AND DURATION explores the duration of art and the time of its spectators. Art works will be shown that are time consuming, time stealing, but also time filling and time enriching; that have a specific starting and finishing point. How does our perception of time change between walking past, peering in, waiting, and really taking our time for something?

The series stared with two one-day exhibitions in the IFKIK Container:

1.) Lillie Harman, Light Series No. 11, 2011

On 16th of June 2016 British artist Lillie Harman showed her 16-mm-film Light Series No. 11 (2011) for the duration of one day. The film is 2 minutes 25 seconds long and should be watched from beginning to finish. Visitors could only enter and leave the room in between screenings, but were welcome to stay for more than one screening.

2.) Igor Sovilj, Cesma (Fountain), 2009

On 30th of June Bosnian artist Igor Sovilj showed his video Cesma (Fountain), 2009. The work points out social injustices and tells a story of Bosnia beyond its official history. Through a window we observe people at a public drinking water fountain. Their buckets and bottles fill up agonisingly slow with the much-needed water. The video has a duration of 27 minutes and invites visitors to pause and wait.


IfKiK Container

Universität der Künste Berlin

Einsteinufer 43, in the courtyard

10587 Berlin

Opening hours: 

16th June 2016, 10.30 am - 7.30 pm

30th June 2016, 10.30 am - 7.30 pm

Part 2 of On Timing and Duration 



Curated by Teresa Reichert

Artists: Lillie Harman and Igor Sovilj

Works: Courtesy of the artists

Photographs, Texts, Posters: Teresa Reichert