Teresa Reichert


For One Week Only, Take 1 & Take 2

- A Collaborative Exhibition between Byam Shaw and UEL

A group exhibition at University of East London

Take 1: 22/03 - 26/03/2010, organized by Byam Shaw & UEL

Take 2: 07/02 - 11/02/2011, organized by Lucy McGeown 

Curated in one week by all participants on site at UEL Campus

Own role: Co-Organiser and participating artist

Participating artists:

Take 1: Jim Cox, Justin Michael Crowe, Anna-Louise Hale, Adam Matthews, Lucy McGeown, Anna Naylor, Katharina Prior, Teresa Reichert, Luisa Spina, Alison Thomson

Take 2: Claire Balcombe, Jim Cox, Anna-Louise Hale, Alex G., Adam Matthews, Lucy McGeown, Katharina Prior, Teresa Reichert, Luisa Spina

Take 1: March 2010

Installation views. Works by: Anna Louise Hale, Alison Thomson, Justin Michael Crowe, Teresa Reichert, Luisa Spina, Jim Cox, Adam Matthews

Take 2: February 2011

Installation views. Works by: Anna Louise Hale, Lucy McGeown, Luisa Spina, Teresa Reichert


The exhibition took place at:

University of East London, Docklands Campus, 

University Way, London E16 2RD

The exhibitions were each only open to the public on the day of the opening

Entrance was free


A cooperation between Fine Arts students of Byam Shaw School of Art London and University of East London